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We are a business specialising in international search engine listing and internet advertising in South America

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Sale of POS advertising products St-Vincent and Grenadines
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sale of medical equipment by internet - St-Vincent and Grenadines Medical equipment - first aid
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Truck equipment - snow clearing equipment for trucks St-Vincent and Grenadines - G.D. Equipment
Truck equipment

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We offer you an economical and powerful way of listing your website on global search engines. Innova-Web Internet uses several internet "platforms" on various servers throughout the world, enabling us to list your site from several continents such as America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe.

Your site rapidly ranks higher in global search engines like, and, enabling you to stand out from your competitors.

We can also display a screen shot of your website as a hard-coded link on our pages (180 countries) as at the top of this page (St-Vincent and Grenadines) with a different description for each page according to the country being visited.

A unique page is automatically created for your advertisement using your keywords, title and description, for each country in the world. So your advertisement appears on 720 pages, of which 360 are unique to your business and tailored to the country, as in this example: St-Vincent and Grenadines.

Save several hundred dollars a month without traditional advertising!
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  • Made-to-measure design for your business
  • 180 unique pages (one per country) learn more here
  • Keywords tailored to each country (St-Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Over 1800 hard-coded links EN and FR
  • One international page unique to your advertisement
  • Professional international search engine listing included
  • 720 advertising messages on 720 webpages
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Information about: St-Vincent and Grenadines
St-Vincent and Grenadines
Population: 117 193 inhabitants
Official language(s): english
Capital city: Kingston
Located in: South America
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